Sunday, 12 February 2012

Go Team Smiles

What an awesome week! Go Team Smiles!

From signing up for the Oxfam trailwalker at the start of the week, catching up over lunch to discuss arrangements, then signing for the training weekend on Friday to finally doing the trails, it has been busy.

On this blog, there will be updates on our activities - from fund raising, training, social catch-ups as well as for the big event itself. Do share photos, videos, tips and put up polls on this site. Any ideas or suggestions for the team would be helpful.

Announcement: Tomorrow is Gear Night - where we get to pick up gear for the walk. We should go after work, as they organised discounts for trail walkers.

We have a Team Fundraising Page, which can be accessed by the link below:

Will work on content for it during the upcoming week. Have a good one, guys. :)

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