Monday, 13 February 2012

in the beginning....

Gossip Girl dishing out the d-low.

Spotted. A training weekend was held in Wellington this weekend in the Rimutaka Forest Park. The team of four went out beyond  Wainui and into the wilderness...

A little birdie has told me to date that lots of Nutella, sour lollies,  snicker bars, chocolate biscuits and 2L of Raro have been consumed. We hope the resident dentist is advising all remembering to brush and floss!

Walks were up steep inclines, some slipped down ravines and everyone got wet when crossing small rivers. In total team leader Yu Kai Lim apparently clocked 31kms.

As proof of hard work -Yu Kai's self-timed portrait has attempted to capture the various blisters on the soles of his little feet. I can see one mole, what can you spot?

As they say no pain, no gain...

The team seemed well rewarded in their travels. The amazing views, beautiful Aotearoa bush or the sense accomplishment after a long day would satisfy any  tired soul.

Over & out for today! Until next time. Gossip Girl xoxo

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  1. Reader's Response:

    Dear Gossip Girl, Our spies have worked hard to reveal your news source. Clearly, the 'little birdie' is a wood pigeon, who took what was obviously a scenic aerial view of this training weekend multiple times from the cover of the trees, allowing us to spot their stealthy reporting. We must commend you for this strategy as we have attempted to train others to achieve this feat but to no avail. They blend in unnoticed, but cats just do not follow orders, and koalas in the trees look foreign in New Zealand and fall asleep during the action. This column is a win for Gossip Girl but our chance to fame and glory will come. FA(C)T GUY

    No conflicts of interests declared.
    (Rival Column Publisher)