Monday, 20 February 2012

Our Blog: >1 week, >100 views

Hiya peeps,

Hope all is well with everyone and recovered from the training weekend. And recovered from this most recent weekend at work.

A few updates:

This blog has been up for just over a week, and we just had more than a hundred views so far. :) Its sorta trailing off according to stats, but a great response at the start - so keep up with the posts and updates.

A big shout out to Melissa - to be the first to our group page to support Oxfam for the 100km trailwalker. Thank you Melissa!

The Soldier Award at top is jointly awarded to:
......... Drumroll please .....
Yu Kai - For completing all the trails at Training Weekend
Stefan - For the 20km run after first day of Training Weekend

We got the welcome pack for the trailwalker at the end of last week - including yummy sample chocolates and posters. Got some posters put up at work already. Go team Smiles!

Chocolates for fundraising will arrive at team leader's home hopefully middle of the week (rather than a self admitted chocoholic's place) - so we might sweeten the work place.

We also met up with Tom today, who shared some tips about fundraising - Its all happening.

Also, there is a logo competition to score T-shirts for our team and support crew. Check it out by clicking the link. Time to put on creative thinking caps, everyone.
Note Competition Deadline = Wednesday 29 February 2012.

Still have to post the photos from the training weekend on this blog, but need to figure out how to use the Picasa slot on the side. See you all around. :)

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