Thursday, 15 March 2012

Puke Ariki with Adventure Welington

Teo and I set off for an adventure last Sunday morning. We were presented with challenges along the track as well as public transport issues! With Wellington trains down - we caught the bus to the entrance at Manor Park. It was pretty much a private chartered bus for our special trip :)

We were blessed with gorgeous panoramic views of all of Wellington. We could see from the Hutt out to Wellington City and over the hills into Porirua and Kapti. It was quite exciting.

Here we are on the peak of Boulder Hills

Part way through the track there was a Port-a-Loo, probably one of the best port-a-loos I've been in...

We also came across many old war bunkers. These used to be filled with ammunition and were made to look like farm houses for planes flying above. Unfortunately they were all filled with dead sheep and bones... Perhaps to deter walkers from staying the night? Oooo the smell!!

We clocked 24kms in 6-ish hours... It shined, it rained and oh the wind... but we conquered!

That's all for now :D from Lyd

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