Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Team Meeting

Award to Top Fundraiser for Team Smiles - Lydia

The Team Smiles Team Meeting.
Venue - Kilim (almost wonder with the name if Yu Kai owned this place)
Caution: Great food, had the moussaka.


Team training schedule in place

Chocolate sales to be completed - once all of them are sold, no further stock will be requested
I will bank in the profits to our fundraising website once funds are all received.

Need further ideas on fundraising - I will get further details and pass to Yu Kai regarding movie night. Be proactive with requesting support - will get my receipt book out. Any further ideas would be great. Doing well so far, team!

Lydia tops the leaderboard for her awesome fundraising efforts. *Deserves A Virtual Award*

Thanks Stefan for organising accommodation for the trailwalker - to email us details to complete payment.

Theme to be decided ?open theme versus 'Things that make you smile'. This could be put onto Facebook for suggestions.

Next catch up on Tuesday 13th March 2012. See you there.

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