Monday, 26 March 2012

Smile-y costumes

The last five kilometers of the walk has traditionally been known for the crazy and creative costumes. This weekend we gave our little feet a break and hit the mean streets of Petone in search for our costume to fame. 

Team Smiles searched far and wide and finally decided upon mimicking some happy crayon colours which always brings a smile to people.

Our attempts in re-creating this began with salvaging cardboard outside the Stationary Warehouse. Cutting shapes and adjusting corners. If you use your imagination... Teo is almost a crayola crayon!

With incredible speed, we set up a sweatshop in Stefan's garage and painted the four happy colours of Team Smiles. Team break for dinner and we had pasta galore. 

We then went on and got a little bit high from spray paint for final touches...

We have yet to assemble anything as the wait for things to dry is the longest and most important part... We may have underestimated the difficulty in walking 5ks with these mammoth cardboard creations...

See y'all soon for our final product :D lyd 

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