Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Round The Vines

One fine sunny day, in a small town called Martinborough, Round the Vines happened.

Team Smiles took up the challenge, cool as a cucumber.

Fresh air, great scenery, sweet grapes, and fine wines - can't really ask for more.

Olives? They go with martinis - but let's not get distracted.

We hiked through farmland and saw all sorts of wild beasts, mainly cows and a burly chap in a dress.

Surrounded by grapevines, we kept going - knowing that at the end, we can indulge in the fine cuisine offered by Martinborough. (Not the sober driver, though)

As we passed more and more vineyards (and hydration stops for drinks and ... wine tasting),

we knew why they looked familiar - we took the same track a second time for good measure. (Measured at 21km)

Towards the end, we increased our walking pace - so we were not left behind by 'Team Snails'.

Finally reaching the good old Martinborough school, who planned this awesome event for a good cause.

Good work Team Smiles. Till another day.

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